(Title Card)

Rico And Geo Guy: A,B,C,D,E,F....? J,P.T.E!M!zzz

Rico:Oh my God!

Ghost Shoe: Dreaming.

Geo Guy: Check.

Ghost Shoe: FOCUS!

Geo Guy: Che-


Geo Guy:

Koaser: Welcome to the Spell-A-Thon! I'm your host, Koaser!


Koaser: Spell "focus", Ghost Shoe.

Ghost Shoe: (paused) F-O.

Ghost Shoe: (continued) C-U-S.

Koaser: Incorrect.

Ghost Shoe: WHAAAT?

Koaser: Spell "Roblox".

Geo Guy: R-O-B-L-O-X.

Koaser: Correct!

Audience: Yaaaaaay! Koaser (announced as narrator): The End.

Audience: We're Going Home.


Audience But Koaser: Happy Birthday, Koaser!

(Levetial Music) Koaser: SMASH!

Rico: BANG!

Stinky: BAM!

resaoK: CRASH!

Audience: DIE!

Audience: We're the Space Austims!

(Levetial Music Ends)

Koaser: Ready?

Geo Guy: Yup!

(Presses Button)

Audience: (Screaming, Floats)

(Credits Appear And Song Plays)

(Glass Ball Productions, Twentieth Century Fox Television)