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Geo Game is an arcade game released in March 4, 1993 and this is the first Simpsons video game ever made. The game was made in late 1992 but they released it in 1993. This game was based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game which was realeased in 1991 and made by the same company, Konami. The game was ported on Arcade, PC and Commodore 64. A gameplay inspired remake by BAM! Enterainment was made for iPhone.


The player controls Geo Guy or Rico. Both characters can fire Berrys, and you barely have to do that. Mostly you spend time collecting items to complete objectives, and some boss battles with Terrence, who mostly fires his slingshot, and other enemies Josh brings along. The player is not in control of who they play as, because every time you pass through a door, you may get another character. Geo Guy and Rico each have different abilities. Rico can slingshot berrys (but only after the first fight with Terrence) and double-jump to reach higher platforms, and duck to avoid flying objects. Geo Guy can throw berrys (he can do this from the start of the game, unlike Rico, he doesn't need to beat Josh for this). He can also roll his body into a ball to get into narrow spaces. Both of them with the abilities to slide down banisters, launch berrys, talk to non-playable characters, and hide from enemies. Talking can give you an advantage. For example, every time the player would need to get up to a higher place that Geo Guy can't double-jump to, if Sheen is around, talking to him will get him to lift the player up. Sometimes, you have to make it past enemies. Bendy is the most common enemy. He throws things down from above. Hitting him with a berry will make him cry and stop doing things for a short amount of time. Getting hit by an enemy will deplete the player's health, which is a row of three candies. Every time you get hit, you lose a candy, but you could collect more to replenish them. Dying will cause you to come from the door you last entered. The game has three minigames which can be unlocked by collecting red Game-Hive tickets. When the player enters a door they might switch characters. The player switches between Rico and Geo Guy. The player is not in control of who it is using. Every time he or she enters a door, there is a chance of characters switching.


Geo Universal is somewhat known for repetitive gameplay. The levels are either too long or too short for some people, but enjoyable for others. The game also glitches very much, making it hard to play.