(Columbia Pictures ident. From halfway through, Eis sings along with the tune.)

Eis: Da, da, da da, da, da, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(The logo fades to black-and-white and scrolls off-screen. The Moon comes into shot. A spacecraft flies over the surface and lands on the Moon, to the music from "2001: A Space Odyssey". Jeremy climbs down the side of the craft, making his way onto the Moon's surface. He takes big strides across to an American flag, next to which Lisa is standing.)

Jeremy: We come in peace, to boys and girls everywhere.

(Lisa removes the flagpole from the surface and stabs Jeremy in the chest several times; Jeremy screams each time. Lisa hits him over the head several times, breaking his space helmet and causing his head to expand and pop. Lisa points and laughs at him, then goes back to the ship and flies back to Earth.)

(A newspaper, The Washington Post, spins into view. It reads, "BUDDIST HERO RETURNS" with the subtitle, "Did Everything To Save Jeremy". A second headline reads, "A WIDOW MOURNS".)

(A parade fills the street with buddists not unlike Lisa, who rides in a car. "Itchy for President" and "Lisa/Hillary '08" banners can be seen.)

Lisa: Hey, how you doin'? Good to see ya. Thanks for coming out.

(It seems Lisa does become President. One night she is eating gaspacho in the White House and hears Jermey's voice.)

Jeremy: (echoing) Lisa... Lisa...

(Lisa looks up at the Moon with binoculars. Jeremy is still there, lying on the ground; he holds up a placard, reading "I'm Telling". After much deliberation, Lisa decides what to do - launch missiles at the moon. She opens up a secret government machine and sets it to "Accidental Launch".)

(Hundreds of rockets are fired towards the Moon. As they close in on him, Jeremy screams with his mouth wide open. All the rockets enter his mouth and swell him up. One final rocket flies in close, stops, then opens a compartment in the front. A boot comes out and kicks Jeremy, causing him to explode into pieces.)

(Geo Guy's head appears in front of the screen.)

Geo Guy: Boring!

Rico: Geo Guy! We can't see the movie.

(We see that the friends are in a movie theatre, along with many other Geoville citizens.)

Geo Guy: I can't believe we're paying to see something we get on TV for free. (gesturing) If you ask me everyone in this theatre is a giant sucker. (points at camera) Especially you!

(Geo Guy's image fades as the traditional Geo TV opening begins...)

Chorus: Geo Movie...

(Mr. God flies across the screen from right to left, dragging a large "5".)

Mr. God: (singing) 5! On the big screen...

More coming soon!