Geo TV: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut is an upcoming film that's gonna be released in March 12, 2013.


Geo Guy


Red Bird

Small Pig

Greeny Michael

Greeny Michael 2

Mr. God

Frankie Foster




and more...


Geo Guy is going to Gree Guy's house and his friends must save him from Gree Guy.


This has a soundtrack for it.

  1. Gree Guy and Geo Guy
  2. To Gree Guy's House!
  3. Geo Guy VS Gree Guy
  4. The LOL Song

DVD OpeningEdit

  1. FBI warning
  2. Columbia Tristar logo
  3. DVD Menu
  4. Coming Soon bumper
  5. Greeny Phatom The Movie Coming Soon On Blu-Ray promo
  6. TAWOG DVDs promo
  7. Greeny Phatom season 1-2 promo
  8. Stay Tuned
  9. THX trailer
  10. Aspect ratio notice
  11. Columbia Tristar Feature Presentation
  12. Columbia Logo
  13. Twilight Entertainment Logo
  14. Ce Animation Studios Logo
  15. Opening Credits

DVD ClosingEdit

  1. Mountain Town Reprise Ending
  2. End Credits
  3. Columbia closing logo
  4. Website bumper
  5. The Greeny Phatom Show DVDs promo
  6. Behind the scenes of Geo TV: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
  7. Geo TV promo
  8. Website bumper (Columbia Tristar version)
  9. Columbia Tristar logo (Closing)