Geo TV character
212px-Homer Simpson 2006
Homer Jay Simpson
Nickname Homer Jay Simpson
Hair Color None, formerly Brown, he has hair loss
Eye Color      
Height Fat
Age 36


Family (see Simpson Family)
Parents: Abraham and Mona Simpson (deceased)
Wife: Marge Bouvier
Ex-wife: Amber Simpson
Children: Bart, Lisa and Maggie Simpson
Uncles: Hubert Simpson, Tyrone Simpson, Chet Simpson, Cyrus Simpson and Bill Simpson
Half-siblings: Herb Powell and Abbie
Grandparents: Orville Simpson and Yuma Hickman
Sisters in Law: Patty and Selma Bouvier
Gender Male
First appearance The Geo Life
Voice Dan Castellaneta
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―Homer's catchphrase
―Homer's catchphrase
Why you little...!
―Homer's catchphrase
―Homer's catchphrase

Homer Jay Simpson is the fictitious main protagonist of the animated television series The Simpsons and father of the eponymous family. His catchphrase, the annoyed grunt "D'oh!", has been included in The New Oxford Dictionary of English since 1998 and the Oxford English Dictionary since 2001.

In the opening sequence in "Grand Theft Lisa", Homer is being chased into blue background a la the opening sequence to The Simpsons, with Homer being flattened by runing Geo Guy. Homer's Brain get killed and blood all over.

Homer is the only character to appear in every episode of Geo TV.