es:Lisa My Dear
Lisa My Dear
Wozzy Meets Mr. God
Geo TV episode
Lisa My Dear
Episode 4
Season 1
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Original Airdate January 28, 1999
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Wozzy Meets Mr. God

"Lisa My Dear" is the fourth episode of Season 1. It was an early episode, showing early designs for a few recurring characters. Several critics have noted that the characters acted differently from the way they would in later seasons. The episode features the first appearance of Dylan and the first appearance of Bob and Rob, who had previously appeared in the Geo Show Shorts.

Episode SummaryEdit

Lisa is left neck-deep in paperwork when she wants to go out with her friends on Friday night, so Geo Guy tells her he'll file the paperwork for her. Overjoyed by this, Lisa calls him "the best" and kisses him on the cheek. Geo Guy then develops a huge crush on Lisa, and later, Bart does too. The two start competing for her love the next day as Lisa is unusually happy about the previous night, mentioning how she met the man of her dreams. Soon they realize her unnamed suitor is neither of them, and Geo Guy and Bart become jealous, trying to thwart every guy she comes in contact with, namely Homer, Rico, and her real date, Dylan, who takes her to a fancy restaurant for their date. Geo Guy, Rico, Homer, and Bart form a team- and a master plan to get Lisa's new boyfriend.


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