es:Lisa My Dear/Curiosidades


  • This episode was the first to be broadcast by the BBC, on BBC One on 23 November 2005, making it the first episode to be seen by UK terrestrial viewers (the satellite channel Sky One had shown the programme since 1999). Moving to BBC Two from 10 March 2007, it continued on the BBC until terrestrial rights moved to Channel 4 in 2009.
  • This was the first episode seen in Australia on Channel 10 in 2000.
  • This episode reveals that Lisa is romantically linked to Geo Guy.
  • When Rico is on a mission he is disguised as Orlando Bloo which is a reference to the real-life actor, Orlando Bloom.
  • This is the first time Lisa wears her black dress.
  • There is an episode of "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" that is titled Frankie My Dear with the same plot.
  • This is the first time Geo Guy Smokes Cigarettes.