es:The Geo Life
Pilot Pitch
The Geo Life
Little Bit of the Men
Geo TV episode
The Geo Life
Episode 1
Season 1
Production Code 2SAC34
Original Airdate December 17, 1998
Directed by James Woods
Written by Geo G.
Guests -
Pilot Pitch
Little Bit of the Men

"The Geo Life" is the very first episode of Geo TV. It originally aired on December 17th, 1998. It was written by Geo G. and directed by James Woods.

GTW pic -- Spoiler Spoiler warning! Plot details follow.

Episode SummaryEdit

Geo Guy and Rico are telling Mr. God about the cards.


The episode started off with a direct title reading “Geo TV” upon a blue sky – a unique opening, as the episode is devoid of the infamous opening sequence. We then fade to Geo Guy hastily driving his Brown Car with Rico. They are late for Work, Geoville Building Area to Build a House. When Geo Guy and Rico stop in at the sprawling mansion and are met by Mr. Creator, the business manager. After Rico explains the situation in comically exaggerated detail, they are given a tour of the Area. Unfortunately, Geo Guy does not heed his mom's advice and plays such drinking games as "Drink the Juicy Juice". He goes to school the next day with a hangover, and falls asleep on the job as a safety inspector in school. Geo Guy misses such things as he gets an C-Minus. Geoville Elementary School receives bad press after releasing C-Minus, and Geo Guy is promptly fired.

With his card in his mind, Geo Guy soon applies for a government assistance at a welfare office. But a processing error creates a weekly check for $150,000. Telling Magic-Geo Guy he received a big raise, Geo Guy spends his money on many foolish things. Geo Guy rents the Statue of David, treats Eis to cosmetic surgery and even goes so far to surround his house with a moat to protect them from the black knight.

Geo Guy states that he has learned his lesson and will never do it again. Instead he is going to try for such things as a minority scholarship, sexual harassment suit, and a disability claim.


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