Geo TV episode
There's No Deaths Like Geo Guy
Episode 14
Season 1
Production Code 14
Original Airdate May 13, 1999
Directed by Geo G.
Written by Gree G.
Guests Microsoft Sam as Himself
The Box of Lisa
Rico Goes to Greeny City

"There's No Deaths Like Geo Guy" is the thirteenth and final episode of Season 1. It aired on ABC on 13th May 1999.

Although the episode was the first produced of Season 1 and the series, with its production code as 2SAC31 as opposed to later codes such as 2SAC34 from the first episode, "The Geo Life", production was delayed and overhauled after a workprint of the episode had been poorly received and covered 70% of the episode. This share of the episode had to be remade, while airing "The Geo Life" for it being a Pilot, having to air it in Pilot episode and becoming the first episode during this hiatus.

Episode SummaryEdit

Geo Guy and his friends thinks a Adopt-A-Thought Saturday in Geo Guy's House


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