Geo TV character
The Mole
Nickname The Mole
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color      
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Age 12
Relationships Geo Guy
Family Wally's Mother
Gender Male
First appearance Geo Movie 4
Voice Nancy Cartwright

Wally (better known as The Mole) is a bitter French 12-year old with an expertise in covert operations and an intense hatred of God.

In Geo Movie 4, Bart told Geo Guy, Rico, and Eis to procure the Mole's help in saving the Big People The Mole helps Geo Guy, Rico, and Eis infiltrate the USO show, but the mission fails after Geo Guy forgets to shut down the base's security system. As a result, the Mole is fatally injured by a group of army attack dogs.

As he died, he sang a song (known as "The Mole's Reprise") while Eis held him and softly eased him into death. At his moment of passing, The Mole seemed to finally embrace the thought of meeting God in the next world. The Mole, like everyone else who died in the war, was presumably brought back to life after Rayman's wish.

He made a brief cameo appearance in "You're a Dead Man, Charlie Brown", where he is seen on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, while Rico channel surfs.


He has an unkempt appearance and carries a shovel with him on his back. He dresses in dark green and brown camouflage and wears fingerless gloves. He has messy brown hair and a prematurely lined face. He is usually seen smoking a cigarette.


The Mole smokes cigarettes, is foul-mouthed, and has an outspoken grudge against God, whom he blames for everything wrong with the world. He displays a tough exterior and appears to have a jaded outlook, as well as being abrasive towards others. He also appears to be manic and emotionally unstable. He also expresses a hatred for guard dogs.


The only family member to appear on-screen is his mother.

Wally's MotherEdit

The Mole does not appear to have a very good relationship with his mother. According to the Mole, his mother attempted an abortion by stabbing him in the heart with a clothes hanger while he was still in her womb. He does appear to be intimidated by his mother, still doing as she says. His mother does not agree with his misotheism, often grounding him for saying bad things about God.

Appearances Edit